The Diversity Champions Membership Package

Diversity Champions is a membership programme set up by The Rainbow Project to support businesses and organisations across Northern Ireland to experience the business and workplace benefits of diversity and inclusion for LGB&/T people and their colleagues.It is a programme that structures review of both policy and culture and supports leadership of creative and innovative change to improve the quality of working life for LGB&T people and introduces colleagues to the ally role in terms of support and learning.

The Diversity Champions NI membership also creates a networking community and gives businesses and organisations a role and a united voice on diversity and inclusion matters pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Rainbow Project makes visibility and awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity a priority when it comes to diversity and inclusion because these are foundational aspects to personal and professional identity when it comes to relating and developing at work.

The businesses effects of celebrated diversity in the workplace are far reaching. A diverse workplace reflects both the workforce and the client base and community you are engaging with. A workplace that encourages the whole person to be at work will experience the whole breadth of skills and experience and talent that person has to offer. There are also the increased benefits of higher morale, motivation and productivity and also key implications for recruitment, retention and the managing and planning for talent within your industry/sector.

“When someone with the right technical skills, knowledge or experience is brought to the table to face a project you want them to be fully able to realise those skills and their potential.  Losing your inhibitions and fears that your contribution will be judged because you are gay means you can bring the best of you to the solution.”
(Catherine Vaughn, Global Compliance Leader – Risk Management Executive – EY)

The Diversity Champions NI programme works with an organisation via a consultant/relationship manager to devise a bespoke action plan to improve LGB&/T relations/visibility/support. This ranges from policy audit, to monitoring and staff surveys, training workshops and support to set up LGB&/T staff networks. There are a range of networking and educational opportunities organised via events throughout the year and the use of the Diversity Champions NI kitemark/certificate of membership which can be displayed on all relevant print and digital media. This in particular is an excellent opportunity for recruitment processes/marketing.